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Why Choose Us

We believe in transparency

Seeing as how there are a million ways to grow, we expect our customers to have questions about the flowers we grow here at Kanna-Wise.

What is your "Grow Style?"

Technically, we are Hydroponic, but since we use Coco Fiber as a Medium and we use Beneficial Fungi, we call our method Hydro-Organic.

How do you trim your flower?

At Kanna-Wise, we know that quality is key, therefore we hand trim and visually inspect every nugget before it leaves the farm.

What strains do you grow?

Due to the varieties of the cannabis market, we are always growing new strains, but some of our favorites are Blueberry Muffins, Ice Cream Cake, Blueberry Diesel, and GMO Cookies.

At Kanna-Wise we believe in Cannabis; its power to heal, to enlighten, to bring people together and change the world. We are fighting the “Stigma” that has been unethically and illegally forced on the Cannabis Plant. We’ve been growing Medicinal Grade Cannabis since before it was “Cool” and we will continue to grow after it becomes “Mainstream”.

Because We Believe

Kanna-Wise challenges the stigma by doing things differently. We aren’t just another brand, we are a family. We treat our employees and our customers the way we want to be treated. And, we treat our plants with the love and care that only a small farm can give.

We understand that you have choices when it comes to buying Cannabis Flower and we appreciate your decision to purchase Kanna-Wise.


Cannabis Consultation

Growing Opportunities

Franchise Information

Always Wanted To
Grow Cannabis?

Learn how to grow cannabis at scale, learn how to manage a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and experience, learn how to be Kanna-Wise.

Learn from Master Grower Bill Cook

Bill Cook is simply amazing. His experience, depth of knowledge and work ethic are unmatched. He has become my go-to expert consultant to either improve a good grow or completely turnaround a disaster. He’s a miracle worker that has proven himself over and over. I am the Director of Sales for some very high-end LED light systems and I have watched him help my clients over and over.

He’s worth every penny. I highly recommend him, without hesitation.

Bill has seen “a million ways to grow cannabis”.  But in any industry, the leader is the one who finds the most cost effective, efficient way to do things.  Bill applied Lean 6 Sigma to the art and science of growing cannabis and created a Standard unlike any other.

Tested in the hardest market in the world, Oregon;

Kanna-Wise is working proof of The Standard.

Own Your Very Own
Kanna-Wise Location!

If you are approved to become a Franchise Owner, you will train personally with Bill at the Medford, Oregon headquarters.  You will see first hand what it takes to run a successful cannabis franchise.

At Kanna-Wise we provide top shelf cannabis flowers that are grown to the limits of

their potential, hand trimmed and inspected for quality by people who care.

"[Blueberry Muffins #4]

Smelled like blueberry candy. Loved this." 

Satisfied Customers

"Tang Breath is one of my favorites! Sticky and loaded with terpenes. 

"I am excited to try the Afternoon Delight pack since I loved your Breakfast pack."

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